Take the Challenge of the Siemens Student Award 2011

Which technologies will enable us to build sustainable cities in the desert? How can we ensure a safe supply of drinking water?
How can we use resources sustainably?

Participate individually or as a group by uploading your answer to one of our region's toughest questions. Register here and make the online community and Siemens experts vote for you. Get the opportunity to present your visionary ideas in the final contest and participate in the award ceremony in Qatar. Be the winner.


The idea - Imagine your city in the desert

Participation - How to apply

Evaluation - Have your ideas rated and rate the ideas of others

Community - Submit, connect and discuss!

Top-class Award Ceremony

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The idea – Imagine your city in the desert

How can you build sustainable cities in the desert? That is the question at the heart of the Siemens Student Award 2011!

Imagine building a large metropolis in the desert. How would you meet one or several of these challenges:

  1. Ensure a steady, safe supply of drinking water.

    It is estimated that by 2025, one-third of the world's population will be affected by water shortages. It is fundamental to wisely use our most vital resource by improving water management and complying with environmental requirements.

  2. Provide a reliable source of energy / electricity.

    As global demand for energy continues to rise, providing an available, efficient, affordable yet environmental conscious source of power is essential.

  3. Set up a public health system.

    Innovative technologies catering for the needs of its users, while ensuring solidarity, sustainability and competitiveness.

  4. Establish an efficient, functioning waste management system.

    An ethical and efficient waste management system making key contribution to resource conservation.

  5. Provide transportation for the movement of people and flow of goods.

    Taking the challenges of growing global population, urbanization, climate change and resource conservation.

  6. Imagine future homes and create intelligent buildings.

    A combination of Innovative technologies offering all the comfort of modern life, yet energy saving and environmental considerate.

  7. Any other challenge you think of? Let us know!

Visualize the city of tomorrow and tell us about your desert city!

A few Examples:

Idea title:

A green city in the desert

Short description:

A vision of a climate-neutral high-tech city, which conserves precious resources and makes a consistently sustainable living and working environment possible.

Key benefits:

  • Combining intelligent buildings.

  • Using renewable energy.

  • Incorporating engineering techniques that respect the value of natural resources.

Detailed Description:

People will live and work in shade-giving buildings, keeping the city 25 degrees cooler than the surrounding desert areas. At high temperatures automatic sun shields will roof over the public squares.

Photovoltaic systems will be incorporated into the roofs; the energy stored will then be used for daily energy consumption. The buildings will stand on concrete stilts, and their building engineering for heating, ventilation, cooling, light, and household appliances will observe uncompromising sustainability principles.

The municipality will supply drinking water through a solar-driven seawater desalination plant. Refuse will be collected via a state-of-the-art system and completely recycled.


Participation - How to apply

  • Any student at a college or university in the Middle East can participate (*)

  • Enter on your own or in a group of up to three people. If you are entering as a group, choose one person who will coordinate and serve as a link to the others.

  • Register at www.siemens.com/studentaward before the end of July 2011.

  • Complete the registration form

  • Submit your idea with a short description, key benefit and abstract, and

  • Include any creative materials you want to, e.g., a short video or picture(s).

(*) United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Syria


Evaluation – Have your ideas rated and rate the ideas of others

The jury of experts will be composed of Siemens AG managers and high-level experts. They will review all the entries submitted and select seven of the ten finalists.

Three other finalists will be selected by community online voting. The online community will discuss and rate the ideas according to five pre-defined, equally-weighted criteria. Each criterion can be given a score between 1 and 5 stars. Based on these results, the community will determine the three other finalists.

The ten finalists will then present and discuss their ideas in a live competition leading up to an awards ceremony. The Board of Trustees and jury of noted scientists will select and announce the three best ideas.

Prize winnings:

1st place award winner US$25,000

2nd place award winner US$15,000

3rd place award winner US$5,000

All ten finalists will receive a Pioneer Executive Package with a certificate and
other incentives.


Community – Submit, connect and discuss!

Become an active part of the community as a registered member. Discuss and evaluate other people's ideas, whether or not you choose to submit one yourself. The three most active community members will also get an invitation to the awards ceremony.

In addition to the actual voting, there is a "Like" button for intuitive evaluation. This will not influence the selection of the winners but allows you to provide encouragement to people whose ideas you like. Enjoy the opportunities of our community and connect with other like-minded members.

To ask a member to join your personal circle of friends in the community, just click on "add as friend" to send a request. You may also login using the Facebook connect button and share and discuss your ideas with your Facebook friends.


Top-class Award Ceremony

The ten finalists will attend the mega-event in Qatar and be one of the 250 guests at the awards ceremony, which includes a fancy after-show party.

Take this excellent opportunity to learn more about Siemens world and network.


Timeline – Important dates!